Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What is Dye-Sublimation?

A: Dye-Sublimation is the process in which we take an image created on a computer, print it out on heat transfer paper, then use a large heat press to transfer that ink into the fabric desired by the customer.

Q: What is your minimum?

A: Just 1. Cost per item does go down with quantity.

Q: Can you us Cotton or other organic materials?

A: Sublimation has become widely popular and is changing frequently. At this time we can only use polyester based fabric.

Q: Can you print on dark colors?

A: Sadly no. Currently white sublimation ink does not exist. Everything starts off with white fabric, and we change it to whatever color you want, letting the natural white of the fabric show through. 

Q: Will my design wash out, fade, or crack with washing?

A: Not at all. That is the glory of the process. We are actually embedding the design into the actual fabric itself. As long as you follow care instructions, Your garment should always look as good as the day you bought it.

Q: Why is sublimation so much more expensive then screen printing?

A: The sublimation process has a lot more moving parts than screen printing. The cost of ink, paper, fabric and labor makes no real difference if we are doing 100 or 1. Each item is going to take the same amount of time. It's very labor intensive and that is the primary culprit in the cost.

Q: Do you offer Wholesale Pricing?

A: While we don't offer traditional wholesale (China and India), we will work with your pricing based upon sales. The more you can market and sell the more you will save. Quantity is king. Please contact us to discuss the options we can do for you.

Q: Do you do order fulfillment and drop shipping?

A: Yes we do. Based upon quantity and frequency we will set up a system that best works for you. These are tailored to the specific customer and how they want things done. We try to make it as simple as possible for you the customer to submit orders and fulfill them in a timely fashion.

Q: What is your typical turn around time?

A: That truly depends on what we have on the calendar at the time the order is placed.  While we can get overwhelmed sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances we are always trying to turn items as fast as we can. Typically you are looking at 1 to 2 weeks for cut and sew and a little faster for non sewn items. It's always best to reach out to us first and see how busy we are before committing to a tight deadline. We want to do our best to take care of everyone.

Q: Do you charge set up fee's?

A: We don't charge set up fees to look over your submitted print ready file. We will notify you of any issues and you will need to fix and resubmit. If you are unable to submit print ready file's to us, we can assist in the process for an art fee. 

Q: Do you have an art department?

A: Yes we currently have highly skilled graphic designer on staff. Art fee is $50 an hour.

Q: What file format is best to submit in?

A: While we can accept a wide variety of files. We prefer .pdf 300 dpi. The files MUST BE SUBMITTED IN CMYK. That is what the printers run off of. The wrong color profile will result in different colors that might not be noticed by our staff. If the file was submitted incorrectly we will not be responsible. We do our best to check things over, but have noticed with different file creating software, communication (ie. corel draw to illustrator) can result in unwanted changes and it's best for us not to open them. If you give us a deemed print ready file, we will assume it is correct and might not be able to be double checked in order to expedite quickly during a heavy work load.

Q: Do you offer returns?

A: We will always stand behind our work and provide you with garment that is up to our standards. Do to the customization of the products we will not offer refunds, but will replace the item or items that were not up to standards. We are human and mistakes are made. We will not replace an item that was deemed print ready for fault on artwork or color. If that should occur we will examine the issue and resolve that one on one with the customer.

Q: Can I use my own pattern?

A: Absolutely. we are just not responsible if it does not sew together perfectly. Customer may still be responsible for loss of ink, paper, fabric and labor.

Q: I want a product you currently don't offer. What next?

A: We have a large variety of patterns that are not currently listed on the 3D Designer. We can also offer a service of creating a digital pattern for you from a specific garment. Fee will be determined for the scope of the project and an estimate will be given.

Q: Can you print on my own fabric?

A: As long as it fits within our requirements we would be happy to. Please see our Sublimation page for more information.